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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th June 2021

The curse of the pin fry continues. I kind of understand it. Watching them in the marina, simply charging through the clouds of bait mouth open, means they dont need to pay attention to anything else. Its a great time to be a 3 inch pouting right now. Even the rod and line commercials, fishing large live baits, are suffering. The fish they are catching, are corkers. But numbers, very low. And yet, we are all marking bass all over the place.

Whats the solution? Well, for my customers I will be offering split sessions until the situation changes. Because while the bass are all pre-occupied with the pin fry, the plaice fishing has become very good indeed. All on lures. And if I get any me time, I will begin the process of working out if drop shotting might be the answer. Or drafting in an expert to help me crack it.

First sailing today, I had the pleasure of Wagi, Tai, Dean, and Neil. Bassing was rock hard. despite marking some nice packs of fish. Plaicing, was good. A dozen in the last half hour. Not too much to add to that really.

Second and final sailing due to some dental work in the afternoon, was with Katie and Carina, friends whom like to fish when they meet, as a result of a lot of fishing in the heritage, and partners. They also stepped the pressure up when they mentioned they had fished with my very esteemed colleague Justin Amwyl, who runs a lure / fly operation out of Chichester harbour. I explained, and was able to show, the problem with the pin fy, and they wrre happy to split the session. They did actually catch a small bass each, but the most giggling was with the plaice. Both ladies were positively astounded at how much they pull back on the light gear. And loved the stress free fishing, as whereas most of our bassing is on rocks, the plaice is al about sand. A really fun session.

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