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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th June 2023

First sailing, and out into the now very familiar NE winds once more. About five mph lighter than the previous day, which actually made a significant difference in lure control. And the numbers showed that. On board with me were new to BIF1 Chris and Val, on their first sea trip from a freshwater background, and super trained Mitch, another very regular aboard BIF1. There was also supposed to be regular David, but Brighton and Hove bus company didnt let that happen by not sending the bus they scheduled. And not bothering to updated the electronic notice board.

What a morning to miss out on. Chris and Val listened really well, and were into fish straight away. Numbers were very good, but sizes were less so, with almost all fish being 36-40cm. A lot of fun, but table fish were few and far between. To highlight, from seventy seven fish landed, just five were killed for the table

Unlike on the second sailing. With me here was regular Jon, and new to BIF1 Ollie. accompanied by Mike and Al, on their first ever fishing trip. Well, bar one for Al, who got literally hooked by his fathers spinner, on a bonding day that went less well. And possibly kept Al away from fishing all this time. Which is a real shame, because I suspect he is now quite keen on it. After all, it isnt every day when your very first fish is 65cm long! And he was very happy (just as well) to conform with BIF1 terms and conditions of booking, one of which is that all 60cm+ bass are to be returned.

There was a lot less action on this session, with just twenty fish landed. Yet the sizes were up quite a bit. A maximum kill, and plenty more table fish returned. Really good bass fishing, and I was very pleased indeed with how the previously non anglers picked up the technique. Mike was particularly impressive, and the big glowing smile, and buzzing enthusiasm was hard to hide. I was sad for Mike. He could have done this every day since knee high as many of us have. He will just have to do loads of rod hours to catch up I suspect.

Third sailing, and sadly, as we had a top fun crew booked on, abandoned due to SE breezes. It was quite a bumpy ride back earlier, and the wind has shifted further south. It wont be pleasant when the new flood tide smashes into it. And lure control will be shot.

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