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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th October 2020

First sailing, and out with new to BIF1 Tim, and returnee Simon. With the state of tide, and the marina warden Phil waving one of what turned out to be a great catch of bass, it was clear where we needed to start. Close to home. Especially as Tim was keen to flick the fluff, and this reef and the ones inshore of it, are in shallow enough water that it is viable. Indeed, often the fly is the better method.

That did not turn out to be the case today though, although I must admit the troublesome Norherly wind shooting the boat ahead does not help with the fly fishing, as the line will be under the boat too soon when casting wind on back. Casting into the wind, the rate of sink is painfully slow. I find the best thing to do in this situation, is put the fly rod down and pick up a lure rod. Which is what happened, as Tim watched Simon and I landing some reasonable bass.

However, by this point, the bass were less and less on this reef. Time to go hunt them elsewhere. And elsewhere, or 2nd elsewhere, we found them once more. Not only that, but Simon nailed, not one, but two bonus coddies. By the time the bugger off bugler sounded, the tally was fifteen bass, including some quality fish, to around 4lb.

2nd, which nowadays is final due to light constraints, sailing, and it was Shane's birthday surprise for his brother Chris. I have worked for Chris both ashore and afloat a few times over recent years, so to make it even more special for him, I let him use my HTO N7099, which I am currently evaluating to see if I can warrant them as stock boat rods. A lot of dollar, but I have to say, a lot of rod, and I think after this session, Chris agrees...

Back on the bass. And with the early ebb, I went VERY inshore to see if we could find some fishes. We did manage a couple, and had a VERY big fish come up and have a look, but not as busy as I would have liked. So, we relocated, and happily, did find some fishes. Indeed, Chris found a cracker, measured on the matt at 60cm, and regardless of what charts might say, was almost certainly over 6lb as it was a proper chunker.

At no point was it hectic, but at no point did it get boring. We had a few jumps around, and picked up a couple here and there. I think the final tally of bass, was ten fish. And then the bugger off bugler sounded. However, with those coddies from this morning on my mind, and with it being Chris's birthday, I offered a 30 minute extension purely focused on a cod. Both of course were happy to go along with that.

And I am so glad they were. We managed not one, but two, in just 30 minutes. Clearly some cod around on these current tides. I wonder what a whole focused hour might bring. I will float the idea with my clients tomorrow...

This brings our tally of cod to just 12 so far since they first appeared in August. But clearly, there are numbers of fish around as to get four without REALLY fishing for them, is quite something. Running out of time now as well. as Monday onwards it looks like wind will not allow sailing for the foreseeable future... Time as always, will tell.

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