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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th September 2022

I'm not sure you could find a day with bigger contrast. As for why, much had to do with both wind and sunshine. The day began nicely gloomy, and despite a stiff NNW wind, I just knew we would be in for some topwater action. Which would mean no issues with the wind, as contact is constant, and takes seen as well as felt.

On board, regular Mitch, joined by new to BIF1 Bart, Adam and Patrick. I've had a bit of a bad run showcasing what we do to newcomers lately. Happily, for these super keen anglers, it all came together nicely.

The wind was strong, but the mark had some lee, and we were able to cast good distances, which made for more ground covered. Add to the mix four very experienced anglers, and it just took for some fish to be present. Which they were, and quality fish also.

The max kill was reached quite quickly, and then it was all about fun. Mitch was looking to be cover girl for a good while, until Patrick aced him, Mitch's 59cm fish topped by Pat's 66.5 cm fish, in fine fat condition, which puts it around 7.5lb on B.A.S.S. weight to measure scale.

But many more fish were topping 50cm. Really good fishing and really appreciated by all those enjoying the moment. And yet, this was pretty much the norm August and September in years gone by. Twenty five fish the final tally. Is this the beginning of the happy times...? I guess we will have to wait and see Judging by the following sailing, likely not...

Joining me for the second sailing, was Paul, Malcom (both returning) and Malc's friend John, new to BIF1. And what an absolute grueller it was. Instead of decreasing as the forecast the previous evening had suggested, the winds increased and instead of North, swung North West. This made for a very fast drift with the newly flooding tide, which pushes you towards your lures fast, and creates slack, which means all of the casting techniques I teach are for sweet fanny adams (can we still say that? or is that misogynistic behaviour in 2022) because half the time you have no clue what your lure is up to.

This leaves vertical jigging, but with such a fast tide, means overweighting. It all becomes a bit of a mess. Paul stuck with the casting, and his many hours aboard BIF1 really shone through, with three bass including one for the table. But for the rest of us, just the bycatch. Our 25th codling of the season, and still searching for one for the table. Wrasse, which are always welcome on a tough day, and a stunning gurnard. And that, was that.

Not wishing to put the 3rd sailing guys through the same pain, I rang them, explained the situation, and as luck would have it, a last minute cancellation meant that I was able to put them on tomorrows 1100 sailing. Everything for the reason... tune in tomorrow night to see how they did...

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