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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th April 2022

First sailing, and fellow floatie enthusiast Gary had managed to persuade his Mrs Jacqui to get up silly early and join us on a bass hunt. Also along, Max and Ian, regular biffers. Conditions were good, with very light breezes. Heading out almost on low tide, I knew exactly where to go, as a result of having found a shoal the previous evening, when having a scout around once that SE wind finally died off. I had a great hour before the new tide got strong and moved the fish on, with a dozen to around 4lb falling to my rod. Would they be there now though...?

I'm fairly certain it wasn't the same dozen, but a dozen we did catch. No blankers, and fish for the table for all those that wanted them. And with the wind blowing a little stronger now, and from the west, pushing us along with the trickling new tide at some speed, we were only able to stay in the zone for a shorter period than the absolute calm the evening prior. But really good fun. Which was really good. As the rest of the session was a bit of a struggle, just a few smalls close to the marina. Oh, and actually, the very first fish of the session was a thornback ray, fairly hooked on a yellow Axia Mighty Minnow.

Which rather set the trend for the next sailing. Stuart and Damo, both regulars, were joined by new to BIF1 Stacy with his lad Brody. A ten year old Brody, who exhibited instantly that Stacy was not only a good father, but a great fishing instructor, as his casting was excellent. This enabled the session to be a full on bass attack.

Damo wanted to hedge his bets with a vertical rig consisting of a squid jig and a shad. I was really pleased he did as it turned out. The bass were nowhere to be found. The only place I did mark some, there were a lot of nets and it made for a very challenging drift, so I left it alone. But the squid were feeding. Damo had one, and of course I was happy to hear that Brody wanted to try. And he caught two, saving the session as it is so important the kids catch, to hold their interest. Had we found bass though, his skills would certainly have seen him attached. Damo was top rod, with three squid. And zero finned fish were harmed during this session.

Next up, three generations had headed down from the smoke, as London was once affectionately known. Grandad Victor, dad Chris, and ten year old Ralph, and six year old Charlie. We headed out onto a fairly bouncy sea, although once away from the marina, just a bit of wind over tide swell. The sort of rolling swell, that quickly finds those that suffer motion sickness...

With two youngsters on board, and a bit of roll, I planned to plaice fish until we lost the tide, and then go on a squid hunt. The kids thought that was a sound plan, so we cracked on with it. Plaicing was reasonably good, and Victor lost something that we saw, that neither of us could id. White and silver. Pulling hard. But not a bream. Not sure.

Both Ralph and Charlie caught plaice, and there were three in the ingredients well, (formerly known as the bait well). And thats when one of the young ones initially, and then one of the adults, felt quite unwell. I have to say, the wind over tide swell is the worse. Another thirty minutes and the tide easing off would have perhaps seen it flatten out, but we didn't have that luxury. Even so, the splashy speed boat ride, and fish for tea, I hope compensated for the long drive down.

Three spaces available on the 0630 tomorrow, and two spaces on the 1500. Text to 07970 112774 to secure a space.

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