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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th June 2021

With all client bookings cancelled, due to the strong NE wind and predicted heavy rain, I still awoke with the seagulls, and with the rain not there yet, I popped out solo with the fly rod. Had 3 before the rain came, and it was indeed rather heavy. I attempted to fish through it, but it wasnt much fun, so I scarpered. It put me in the mood for a fly session though, and with the rain due to leave late afternoon, I put out a shout on Facebook, for a fly partner. Young Jon took up the call, and we found ourselves giving it a damn good go on the evening tide.

Wind was much stronger, and it was a struggle. But Jon is a good fly angler, and we both enjoy a challenge. But two hours and just one bang and one follow later, we conceded and went onto the lures. The usual story, marking fish but not getting takes. Until... For the last 30 minutes we went onto the surface lures. And began getting takes. I missed three before a solid connection, and a great battle, and the fish that Jon had promised to his neighbour was finally landed. Hard, but actually, a very enjoyable session.

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