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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th June 2023

Just the 1730 sailing today, owing to stiff winds this morning. Welcoming aboard regulars Chris and Andy, joined by a brace of Mikes from Essex. And I had a plan.. And the plan began so well. Out to some deeper water for the last of the ebb, I briefed the guys that the fish might be bigger than what we have been recently experiencing. Actually, first business was to bring the Mike's up to speed on the technique, which they quickly grasped. And then onto the first drift.

Nothing, but some tentative plucks. Could be bass that are tired of people fishing them all day. Next drift, much more confident takes. Two rods went over. Both good fish. And both battling well on the perch tackle. Third rod goes over. Huge cloud of ego washes through the skipper. First in the net was Chris's fish. Clearly the biggest, and clearly over BIF1's 60cm rule (measured at 63cm). But Mike and Andy both had twin fish of around 3lb. Despatched. Right. Just need to run the mark until low, and then head for a flood venue.

Three hours later, with just two smalls added to the tally, skippers ego had packed a travel bag and departed a good hour or so before. One very exciting moment when Mike hooked a very big fish indeed. It screamed the clutch but it was the size of the head shakes that gave the game away. I was sternly asking him to keep the rod steady (any slacks with shads, and they simply drop out) when he pointed out it was the fish. More tarpon than bass and a tiny bit of me wonders if it even was a bass. And yet, after many seconds of battle, it did indeed shed the hook to leave us wondering. It seems all the bait has been driven tight into the edges, from observations I have made on the marina arms today, and from friends social media reports. Which is good, as I walk out the door for a shore session with clients this evening in about 30 minutes. Quite possibly availability for two tomorrow night also, text to 07970 112774. Wader owners only for that one I am afraid.

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