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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th May 2020

Just the one sailing this morning, as sadly a just too stiff Westerly wind was forecast, and arrived to curtail sport. And I must admit, I was saddened to find the marina full of rot this morning. But out to sea, it wasn't nearly so bad. Just the direction of the wind compressing what rot is left hard to the coast, and forcing it into the marina on the flood tide.

First stop, and a little experimenting. Mike had tied up some squid flies (Mike is a former World squid Championships winner) and we had a go on a shallow reef with them. I fished a standard jig as a control. But it was all a bit bouncy and a bit green, so we cracked on. A quick look for Bass, of which just one schoolie wanted to play. Next, a few drifts to see if the plaice wanted to know. But the wind was with the tide, and we were running ahead unnaturally fast. Not condusive to good plaice fishing. A stray mackerel did take a liking to the HTO Frolic though.

So, onto the Bream. Mike had bought along some tentacles from a big forbessi, my favourite squid bait (equal to the long tentacles of the cuttle). Matched with a very simple rig, the and a very small bait, and just 2 ounces of lead. This, fished on the Okuma 20-60gm is just so much fun. Bream were taking happily, but not as widespread as they were earlier in the week, a sign that the nesting is finishing, and they are beginning to spread out once more. Probably the last week, week and a half of them. Which is kind of good in a way. As it will be great to get into some serious bass hunting.

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