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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st April 2023

If anybody has been near the sea today, they will have noticed its distinct green stain. May rot develops very rapidly, and it is in full flow. There is still some viz though, and it remains worthwhile to fish. Just. A bigger problem, in a weird way, is bio mass of fish. We have jumped from famine to feast for the bass, in just a couple of short weeks.

Two things happening that I am sure of. Huge shoals of tiny immature sandeels, transparent, and the rock worm are in full breeding mode. This little ragworm live in the chalk reefs, but at this time of year get mobile to breed, as do many creatures. Even me back in the day. There is a lot to be said for Spring.

A stiff Northerly meant I didn't sail early, which just left the 1030 sailing. On board regulars Mark (the other one) and Max, joined by new to BIF1 Suntus. A great plan was hatched. Bass, Bream Cod. And as is often the nature with great plans, it didnt pan out at all. I was surprised the bream didnt play, although we didnt have too much tide when we tried on those. Cod, no. Bass happily yes, although we did a lot of miles to land a total of just 3. All table fish, the picture is of the smallest, as my phone broke just prior with the pictures of 2 fish in the 3.5lb bracket. A long way from great fishing and yet, we all loved it. Wind dropped, rain stopped and the sun came out. And the anticipation that "this cast" will be the one never left. Most enjoyable, and my head is full of plans for tomorrows sailings.

I shot some amazing footage of feeding bass this morning. I will post it on my youtube channel "fishyrob" shortly. Worth a watch, and please subscribe and follow as there will be more going up, including underwater footage as soon as the rot allows clear seas once more.

Click HERE for my channel

Still two spaces on the 1030, and three on the 1430 which is looking likely to sail on a much improved forecast. Text to 07970 112774 with your name and the time of the session you would like secures. Additionally due to my phone breaking, any WHATSAPP or TEXT messages anyone may have sent me will not be seen, so please resend.

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