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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st January 2023

Bad news for anyone hoping to see big plaice in this report. We did have a look for them, but I suspect this is a more normal season, and they have actually spawned, as we did not find any anywhere. A conversation with a tangle netting commercial friend kind of confirmed it as well, with just a couple, and in spawned out condition. Fung, Helen, Anthony and Erik did all catch fish on lures though. Just they were whiting, although top rod uncle Erik did also add a dab and a small schoolie to his tally. Hard fishing, which is why I suggested they did not take their second sailing which they had booked, and they did not fight me on it. I will be seeing them again though, and fishing will have improved by then.

So what to do? Well, that same conversation with a commercial gave up information that means that tomorrow we will be mostly chasing codling, with the chance of bass, which of course must be released at the moment (the bass, not the codling). And almost certainly, while there is still distinct sediment in the water, those whiting to keep the fingers tugged. Watch this space.

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