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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd April 2024

Back on it, and amazingly, the forecast allowed for two sailings today!! That in turn allowed me to get a much better assessment of current bass fishing. Never were two sessions in such contrast... First sailing, it was my pleasure to welcome back Max, Mitch, Dean and Curtis.

This was always going to be a straight forward sailing. I knew where the fish were laying on the flood, and I knew where they moved to as the water rose. And as such, I was able to keep on them for the entire duration of the session. And with no top of tide to deal with, the fishing did not curtail as yesterday. And with much lighter winds it was much easier to observe takes. Hence the result.

Add in the fact that all of these guys have fished with me for years now, so they were all well honed with technique, and I almost felt sorry for the fifty bass that proceeded to come over the side. Some real quality among them as well. Biggest went to Max, at 66.5cm, a fish heavy with roe. Likely over 7lb. Just prior to that, Curtis had tickled a smaller fish, that liked him to much and proceeded to ejaculate all over my seat. Bass are clearly easily pleased. But it also shows that some fish are yet to join the orgy, whilst others are clearly returned. Perhaps they pop in for a feed even while shagging. An option I never considered before this year.

Max also had another 60cm + and 50 + were the norm. Some smaller fish also. But an absolute festival of how good light line bass fishing can be. A 7lb bass hooked on 35gm gear in 20 feet of water, is a real showcase of how sporting they can be. Everyone was thrilled. Mitch and Dean so thrilled, they elected to take the available two spaces on the following sailing... Doh...

A quick breakfast at Cafe Zio's, and then we picked up Reyaad (returning) and Rod (BIF1 virgin) . Tempting fate, I returned immediately to the scene of the earlier action. Top of the tide, and drifting N to S on the wind, I marked some fish but they were apathetic to our #Axiamightyminnows I tried some deeper water to get the first of the tide, but there were not so many fish there. Back in, and we were on the ebb. Not that it made any difference. The shoal had moved to somewhere else for the ebb tide. Now to try and find them.

A mission that would have been much easier if the season was in full swing. But we are still awaiting, I suspect the bulk, our bass inshore. We sniped a couple of smalls but didnt really find any good marks on the sounder until the final thirty minutes when we added a further five to bring the total to seven. But most importantly, no blankers. Except... me...

Wednesday looking unlikely for a sailing now. Stiff N wind just too strong. Thursday has spaces, and that flood tide sailing will be happening. Friday 50/50 and the weekend destroyed, based on current forecasts. Which, can, and often do, change. Time will tell.

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