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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd July 2021

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Missed a cracking days weather yesterday, owing to BIF1''s fourth service since the new Engine was purchased in November 2019. 400 hours already. And I was happy she was in for service, and being hoisted, as she has been struggling for a reasonable top end lately. Nothing found on the analysis, but whatever Aquatech Lancing mechanic Chris did to it, it was flying again this morning. Indeed, it was surpassing its previous best performance.

On board were Nick and Rich, with the third member of their crew missing due to other commitments. So, it was just the three of us on board, to share the fishes. As seems to be the standard at the moment, its a case of avoiding the smalls to find the quality fish. Nick began well, with a cracker, first drift, and as we landed it, Rich also hit a good one. Rather set the standard. But this wasn't just a bass session. It had been agreed that we would do half the session for plaice and mackerel.

So, with ten fish landed, four in the tank for food, we headed out to where young Harry had done so well two days prior. Plaice were feeding reasonably well, but sizes small, and we released a lot fo get two for the pot. Mackerel were more obliging, trickling onboard regularly. A very happy pair left with a fair feed.

2nd and 3rd sailing were booked by David, Al and Paul. David had made an attempt to come out with me once prior, but we had been immediately beaten back by an adverse sea. This time we were much luckier. And I was very excited to get the guys out there with such good fishing. However, you know that saying "All good things come to an end?".

I had sailed with the rookie mistake of thinking everything would be how I had left it earlier. But of course, with a change of tide it was not at all the same. It became a real struggle. Just three bass landed and a few mackerel. But at least two of the three were quite tidy. When the bugger of bugler said end of session, I gave the guys the option of not taking their 2nd sailing, on account of the wind forecast to increase a bit, but more importantly. the sudden poor sport. They happily agreed and will return another time.

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