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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd November 2021

Very chilly this morning, and the breeze that all but died last night, was back, which rather limited us to fishing quite close inshore. Not ideal with it also being low tide. Indeed, it really only offered us one option, which happily, was a good one. On board, we had Dean, Stuart, Bill and Peter, all regulars.

What it really does feel like, is the inshore is running down. I would like to say "Much as I am" with imminent travel plans. But actually, with these strong Northerlies, I have been busy with guiding squid from the shore. Squid fever is very much in force. But for finned fish, it is getting ever harder to track down ever fewer bass. Cod, so, we still couldnt really tell being up on the close reefs. We did try two that have produced for me this season, but nothing doing. Final count was 14 bass, with just two for the table, biggest perhaps 3.5lb.

2nd sailing, it was even more desperate. Nick, Phil Jude and Geoffrey, all returning, were pretty much enduring the session, with very little action. At the first sign of a squid hitting my shad, I suggested we all go over to the squid. Good call, as the ten squid landed, were the only gastronomic rewards. Just one schoolie to add to that tally. And no fishy snaps. I kept thinking "there is bound to be something more photo worthy". But it simply never came.

With kinder winds forecast for tomorrow, I am hoping to get more creative and find more fish. But we do have to hang on to the thought, that we are racing toward the end of November. Winter is coming, starting with some very strong winds on Thursday. It is looking that tomorrows three sailings (another squid special late afternoon) plus one shore guide, will be the end of my working before I leave for a short holiday on the 29th November. And I must say, I am quite ready for a little break. Although, there will of course be some fishing...

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