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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th August 2022

First sailing, and still a little residual swell from the stiff SW of the previous day. Also a man down, due to a communication cock up, happily not my fault this time. With me Mitch, David and Mark, all returning.

The first noticeable contrast to the previous early sailing was that mackerel were back down to more manageable numbers. However, Neptune has lots of tricks up his sleeve to protect his loyal subjects. Noodle weed, spaghetti weed, deffo has an italian scientific name weed. Loads of it out there, and not all matted together. Instead lots of single strands, doing their own lure covering thing.

Its easy to get annoyed with it, but please do remember. Before it completed its life cycle, it was hanging onto local pebbles / small boulders / chalk reef, and was nurturing the newly hatched of the year, giving them at least some security before they face the hoards of hungry everything's that will be trying to eat them.

Bassing was hard. A fish from that spot, a fish from this spot. Maybe no fish on that spot. Lots of running around, for nine bass landed, including a fish each for the guys table. Plus mackerel. Cuttlefish also suddenly very active once more. And I landed BIF1

s 7th cod of the season, sporting a mark showing it was recently released from a gill net. Good on that commercial, as technically, it was a legal fish, as the minimum size for a cod, is a bit of a joke, as it once was for bass.

Second sailing, very regular Chris was joined by Daniel, aged 8, and his father David and godfather Tony. These three beginners to the sport, but happily listeners, and all three were soon fishing nicely. We started after bass, but it soon became apparent there really were none. This ebb tide, was not conducive to bass feeding. I am pretty sure I was marking some on the sonar, but they were being tight lipped.

So what to do? A newbie eight year old has to catch. Time to resort to the early season routines, which fitted a purpose, as soon those 50cm fish might well come inshore again, as has happened in previous years. So, we went to have a look. And hurrah, everyone catching. To date, Chris has only fished bass with me, so he was thrilled as well. Only two worthwhile for the table, and no sign of those outsize fish, but mission accomplished. Big smiles, and wide eyes.

Third sailing, and I had some well trained guns on board. Max, Ronnie, Dicky and Pete the rod builder. I was very happy for them. For the first two hours, nothing more than a bream to Pete. A lot of running around. And then, the new flood, changed everything. Eight fish in that last hour, with four of them going for the table. Hard fishing, but never give up, is a motto created for the reason.

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