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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th March 2022

Just the one sailing, fully subscribed with Bruno, Dean and Sam all returning, and new Dean joining in. As always, I managed the expectations. In fact, the wind was actually quite stiff NE as we headed out, which made me concerned I might not reach the plaice. These seem to currently be happiest around two miles off, with beach results concurring they dont want to be in the edges anymore.

However, the wind was less a little way off, a not uncommon phenomenon. I was able to reach a nice bit of sand, surrounded by quite heavy ground, and which rarely gets either tangle netted or trawled as a result. Drift was fairly true as well, with the wind and tide both pushing in the same direction.

Initially drift was perhaps a little too fast, but soon, fish began to come aboard. Plaice mostly, and reasonable numbers, if sizes perhaps a little down on the previous day. A couple of better ones though. Also a mackerel by new Dean. But cover girl goes for the second time this year already to Sam, with fish of the day, yet another thornback ray with a taste for isomes.

The guys really wanted to try for a bass, so towards the end of the session we tried where the shoal was yesterday.. But sadly, it wasnt to be. WIth the wind and tide in the same direction, we didnt really get slow enough to make the magic happen. And then time to head. in. Everyone with a feed. of plaice. At least 30 boated, but maybe 8 taken for the table from that,, to give some idea of sizes.

Then, some more mechanical work. A little bit as part of the advises from the coding, and some more as the engine reached its 20 hours since rebuild. Now fully run in. It would have been rude not to take her out and warm the oil a little. I clocked a big shoal of bait being hit by bass very inshore, marked them and came about. After the 6th small schoolie, I continued scouting. but happy that once again some silver is in the edges. Changes continue at pace this week, down there.

Quite a strong wind from the NE both Saturday and Sunday it is looking like. Saturday is cancelled, but I will be playing witb techniques and scouting for shoals. Sunday 50/50 at the moment. Much depends on what I find tomorrow, as in tight will be the only option with that wind. And in tight at this time of year, is often with low expectations. Time will tell. Watch this space, as always..

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