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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th May 2020

First session and back out onto, well, less green seas, but no mistaking, the rot is still there. Not that the fish seem to mind. Especially the bream. First up today, was Mark. He was quite happy to go look for a bass, but, with much of the inshore looking dubious at best, and offshore, no signs of any shoals in the ususal spots, we opted for a spot of plaicing. A couple were happy to play, but nothing amazing. We agreed, with the first trickle of flood becoming apparent, to pop out for some breaming. And that is what we did, for the final 40 minutes, with plenty coming to lug and squid baits.

Not as many as the next session though. With Damien on board, we did the first half of the session on the bream, with over 30 to show for it. Still plenty of incredibly beautiful males in full breeding plumage. Then, it was enough, even for Damo, so we headed off to hunt bigger things. And found one. I hooked a real head lunger of a bass, but just as I was setting myself up with the net, the hook pulled/.

Just one of those things I guess. It hurts for a little while, but you soon get over it. Bit like breakups with your girfriend.... We had a go on the plaice, with just an imposter, a dab, to show for it. But Damo was buzzing from the bream action, and I think really enjoyed the trip.

Next up, my old mucker Alex. I met Alex, his brother Spike, and another friend James, when they booked me as a shore guide. I didnt say at the time, but they were my first ever client paying for my services... I was so nervous the whole time. But clearly it went well, as I very much enjoy staying in touch with them all. Cant see them all the time though. I have yet to go see James, who lives in a paradise in Costa Rica. I have been to see Spike, who also lives in paradise, in Broome, Australia. And I can, and do, stioll see Alex, who lives in my kind of paradise. He owns the Fountains Inn out at Ashurst. A really old, classic, country boozer housing top class cheffing, should this damned virus ever be tamed.

We hjad a go for bass, but boy, was the inshore busy with all kinds of craft. Quite quickly we decided to hit the bream, and we stayed on them the remainded of the session. Another 30 at least, and Alex had his favourite fish to take up the road for tea. And it was great to be fishing with him again... Thats I think fifteen years ago I began to earn a living from fisihng with rods.

Final session, and out with David. He was happy to go hunt bass, but also was keen to experience the breaming. So, we did exactly that. And with more water openeing up as more of the rot vanished, we were able to try things previously untried/ Happily we did nail four or five, from a particularly big shoal, but it was fast moving, and I cocked up with tracking it. On to the breaming. Lack of tide meant it took a while to get going, but by the time the end of session bugler, bugled, anout four fish were destined for then BBQ, with a dozen returned.

If you are reading this and want to try the breaming, simply bring a single wrap of black lug along to your session. Frozen fine. They wont be there much longer though.

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