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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th May 2020

Just managed to squeeze a single sailing in with Mark. The ENE wind was pretty brisk, but over the ebb tide, and in under the lee of the land, fishing the shallowest reefs, it was actually quite lovely at times. And distinctly cold at others, with us both in woolly hats soon after setting out.

Very limited in our choices, we actually found some pretty reasonable fishing. Plenty of plucks and pings. A mackerel in among the bass. Drifts were long, and water clarity pretty much great. A realo pleasure to be out. And the bass kept on coming.

Nothing huge. A suprise chunkier wrasse that refused to be photographed. Quality schoolies. And for a lovely ten minutes, we found, and stayed in contact with a good shoal of 3 lb fish. Had a dozen rush the boat trying to mug the HTO mighty minnow from the hooked fish.

With the bottom of the tide, came a predictable situation. With the first of the flood, the wind veered to the east a little more, and increased in strength. The new tide, attempting to hold back the force of the wind, was making the sea a battlefield, with swells the resulting force. Regular, rolling, and not good for lure control. I had anticipated it, and cancelled the sailings for the rest of the day. I suspect I will be doing the same routine tomorrow. But at least Mark left very happy, and off to make his Auntie happy with a lovely fresh bass for her tea..

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