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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th August 2022

First sailing, and a gathering of some of my earliest regulars. Mark, Damo, Garry and Mitch. Was almost nostalgic. The night before I was quite late refuelling BIF1, and a little before midnight, the wind was fairly screaming. I was hoping calling on this sailing had been the right call. But in common with many mornings lately, we headed out on actually quite light NE winds.

And for this, and also working from what had happened the previous morning, I hit all the right places at all the right times. Lots of surface work, although for the last 30 minutes, the bright sun finally put them off from smashing upwards and shads suddenly were all in vogue.

Final tally for the morning was 24 bass landed, and many missed takes and bumped fish. No bycatch to speak of either, as the mackerel plague seems to have slipped ever so slightly westwards. No beasts, with Garry todays cover girl but max kills with plenty more 42+ returned.

Breakfast at Cafe Zio, and then we swapped Garry for Max and headed back out. Now though, the wind was a lot more intent on causing us grief. Which it continued to do. I got back on some great fish, but none of them wanted to hit the lures, else, and more likely, with the wind across tide situation, they were hitting the lures but my guys werent feeling it. We put up with it for two hours, before returning to port, with just 3 bass landed. Final sailing was already cancelled as wind forecast to swing more East. Tomorrow also cancelled, and likely Wednesday as well.

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