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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th June 2023

Quick report, as I am quite kaput and trying to squeeze one more early sailing in before what looks like seven days of autumnal winds. SW and strong. Actually happening on some fairly big tides so Fishyrob the bait guide will be haunting the rocks over this period. Anyone who fancies a reef rummage / stick it out there session, who owns waders and leather gloves, should drop me a text on 07970 112774

First sailing, cancelled. 2nd sailing, cancelled. Third sailing, new to BIF1 Alex was joined by regulars Nick and Henry. And a no show from "Billy Sharkie" who would have been new to bif1 but no show with no communication means all his details are filed on the naughty column, and he wont be playing on BIF1 or BIF2 or learning anything from me whatsoever. Because, I had to say no to one of my very regulars, and that hurts me.

Sea was bouncier than it should have been,, and half way through a fairly stiff Southerly, not forecast. I found the fish where I expected them to be, but they were playing hardball. Plenty there, and yet, they were not hitting the lures as they were the last time I visited them. One very promising fish got me excited. It clearly wasnt a bass, but I thought ray, until the slimey reality revealed itself. The second ever conger on a lure on BIF1, to Alex.

Final tally was 17 bass landed, just 2 for the table. Supporting role from Mackerel to Nick who got around the "NO FEATHERS" rule on BIF1 with a fly teaser. Plus that conger. Quick turn around and it was my pleasure to receive Mark. Alan, Shaun and Jim back to BIF1. I almost cancelled, as sea state was still quite lively, but with the forecast insisting the wind would drop, we headed out.

Wind did drop about twenty minutes into the fishing, but the sea state remained bouncy. Not at all unsafe, just very difficult to work the lures with efficiency. And it showed with the results. Just eleven fish landed, and only one for the table. Lets see what the morning brings...

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