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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th September 2022

After a run of bad luck, with an E10 eaten fuel pump keeping me ashore during some lovely flat days, and then wind once more, I was finally back on the water. But for poor Eduardo, a fly fisherman from Spain on a visit, I really got it all wrong. A huge tide, and we were out over the top of it. Too much water everywhere for effective fly fishing.

Which is why we didn't see a bass landed. Just a cod, to me, as I killed time. But in the close inshore, bass were really not very evident. Along also was Ed's brother in law to be, by the name of Magik. He had never fished before, but I am not lying when I say I literally talked him through the best first ever cast I have ever seen. This guy was born to fish and simply didnt realise. He only managed to land a garfish, as the fishing was rock hard, but wow. I was very impressed, and I am pretty sure today I created the accidental angler. He was only along to watch.

Next up, Steve and Eugene, along for their first time on BIF1, accompanied by Max, on for his way more than I can remember time. And with less water, the fishing was a little easier. An old favourite mark producing the bulk of the seven bass landed, with three going to the table. Still not as good as when I last sailed. Im pretty sure another change has happened. Just dont know what and where it is happening. Max got attacked by a very big squid, but that vanished by the time I had swapped gear. Thats a good sign. A sliver of moon tonight as well, which will grow and grow.

However, after tomorrow morning, I am not seeing a sailing on XCWEATHER for the following seven days. Might be time for a road trip. I still havent fished or even seen my Cornish salmon syndicate water.

The evening sole and squid trips will be aboard a STARFISH 8, fully coded, and with a fully qualified skipper for nocturnal ventures. Which will leave me fully able to assist everyone to fill their buckets. If anyone is interested in CEPHALOPOD ONLY sessions, text your name and the message SQUID to 07970 112774 to be added to the whatsapp group where the trips are sorted. Sole trips to be announced. We need to actually develop that product from scratch before we can sell it.

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