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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th July 2022

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Just the one sailing before the wind shuts me down once more. Looks like a similar pattern all week. Joining me this morning, Ian, Jack and his dad Mick and Max. I was expecting the first hour to be slow but we came out to a bay full of birds, with fish smashing in among them.

It fished really well. It would have fished even better but for too many young gulls, which meant using surface lures would be more about unhooking gulls than bass. But running sub surface, we picked up plenty of fish. Yet small. It took a run away from the massed fish to pick up quality fish, but the fishing was at a slow pace compared. We found a couple, to justify the logic, but a scout around other spots showed little happening, so we again finished up on the shoal of smaller fish. Nineteen the total, plus plenty of mackerel, which today ended up coming home with me. Stronger wind for tonight and tomorrow, mean back to my roots. See if I cant get a spikey shoreside.

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