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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th May 2020

Updated: May 31, 2020

First session, and out into a chilly ENE wind, with new to BIF1 Ben. As we walked towards the boat, chatting, I established he is a very keen lure angler. As yet, not a devotee of the finger power. Time to change him.

Another morning where going too far off would likely be a mistake with the wind. With plenty of water, even my shore based marks were likely to produce. It was a long way from hot fishing, although a marked increase from the previous day. We did however, at least find some, with Ben eventually going up the road with a brace of 3lb fish. I most certainly detected Ben loving every second of the experience, and I hope to see him again, perhaps on a day when the fishing is firing more warmly.

Next up was Ian, returned for some more punishment. The wind had lulled, and veered more NE, It made lure control a lot easier, and with the seas flattening off instantly, and not much happening inshore, I thought I would go check out the shoal I am playing with a little offshore. Found them. Revved Ian up with the excitement of it all, as it is very much a work in progress. Swapping to the 56gm HTO Mighty Minnows, we began.

1st drift, I hooked one. A nice fish in the 4-5lb bracket. Played it out a treat. All good. Coming up nicely. Flashing in the much cleaner water. Then, four feet from the net, the hook pulled on a head shake. Back up the drift. Next drift, I hook another. This one was on the surface, fairly beaten, Lovely fish around 6lb. But as I reached out the net, I dropped the tip just slightly. Just enough for the hook to drop out, and we watched it power back down into the depths.

And that was that. Maybe those two fish went down and informed the rest of the shoal to scarper. Only the bass ever know. But for whatever reason, consecutive drifts, revealed no fish and no takes. Back inshore, where we did find some, including one for Ians tea.

Sailings cancelled tomorrow. Bit too much east, and gusts all a bit wrong. But rest of the week looks mostly NE winds, which are great for us, now the inshore is may rot free. I still have one slot available Tuesday 1400.

OTHER NEWS :::: **** CORVID 19 REGULATION CHANGE **** Boris has now announced that up to six non same household people can meet, whilst practicing social distancing. Sadly, with my mere 22' , and my coding for 4+1, that cant happen anyhow. What can happen quite reasonably, is me plus 2 anglers. Or me, plus perhaps max 3, same household. With individuals, there are fixed positions you must fish. With same household, you basically have to keep 2 meters away from me.

What this means is several fold. Firstly, I can return to my core pricing, of £160 per session. To achieve this, individuals are capped to 2 MAX, at £80 per session. Same households, up to 3, at £160 for the boat per session. This structure will be effective for all bookings taken for June 7th onward. Clients with existing bookings, may add to their boat, according to the above, and an amendment of the fee, from £100 to £160. I would also like to thank everybody for the overwhelming support I have received, from people so very happy to be able to access the therapy that is being out on the sea in an open boat, hunting fishes.

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