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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th May 2021

First sailing canned due to the wind forecast to be at its worst. Second sailing, I welcomed aboard JJ and Lina. I had prepared them that the fishing would be tough, due to the wind. But they were happy to come down and enjoy the time afloat. Good job. The fishing was tough. I was banking on the 50/50 approach meaning they would at least go with something for their tea. Half the time fishing bass, half the time plaice and mackerel. I would have liked to have added bream to the list, but the wind prevented us getting offshore too far.

The bassing was so so. Five fish came to the boat, and both Lina and JJ can now tick bass off their list. But only small fish. Onto the banker. But the bank was closed. Just 2 small plaice, and zero mackerel, saw the ice box lid remaining firmly closed.

On this basis, I cancelled 3rd sailing, and called in my poking assistant Jon. Off we went, to confirm that the bassing was dire. Just 4 fish in 2 hours, and ironically, one was over the 42cm to my rod. Jon had one a little smaller, and bumped what appeared to be a better fish. But every day, indeed every sailing is different. And with kinder winds tomorrow allowing for more options, I hope to do better.

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