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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd July 2021

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Just the one sailing this morning, with the wind claiming the rest of this week also, most likely. All regulars, Max, Mitch and Stuart. All wanting some surface lure fun. However, things were quite different this morning. Bait fish weren't in the places it has been in for days and days. Even the sandeels were down to a few clusters here and there. Enough to have some top water fun, although the half dozen landed there, just one table fish for Stuart. It took some hunting around to find the better ones. Max nailed one where a week ago we had nailed a dozen. Definite changes.

With a thinking skipper experienced in the habits of bass, we went to a plan B. Which although not hard core flat out, did happily yield some good fish, bringing the final tally to fifteen fish for the session. Not bad fishing at all. But lots to think about, as the coming big wind will also reset the game. I'm fairly certain I know the game the bass will be playing when that happens, but, they are bass... Patterns are obliterated as soon as they are established very often indeed.


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