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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd June 2022

First sailing, Steve, wife Lorraine, Dave and Tom, all new to BIF1. Although, how heavy plant operative Steve got to know about me is quite amusing. Last autumn, he was working a machine in the corner with whatever the council are messing up at black rock. Autumn is often a time when I cannot get tight enough, as the sprat run almost on the wave break. He watched as I netted two fish in two minutes for clients, and decided there and then to book up when he was less busy.

So, here we were, But with a stiff Northerly breeze and the wrong end of the tide to be forced in close, I did warn it was likely to be a slow session. Except... we sailed onto the clearest seas yet since the rot found the edges. Once more the crab places, the places where crabs like to take their clothes off, were fishable. And focusing on these places paid dividends. Not in numbers, as we only managed seven fish landed. But with sizes, with finally two fish that screamed the reel. One for our cover girl Lorraine, and one for Tom.

Notice this is being published early? I have to sail according to the forecasts, and the forecast for the rest of the day was a horrible stiff Easterly, which over a flooding tide would make for a horrible rock and roll as yesterday morning. However, as we came back in the wind dropped, although I had already cancelled the rest of the days sailings. As I write, the wind remains devoutly NE and not so strong. There may yet be a diary part II as I still havent decided on the 1500 sailing. Watch this space...

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