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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th September 2022

Although the forecast improved unexpectedly, and enabled two sailings today, actually, I think that in itself was a tease from Neptune. With very little co-efficient in the tide, it seemed everything had lost interest in the inshore, and gone elsewhere. The eleven o clock sailing was the first sailing today, as the wind did really blow overnight, with much lightning. A very impressive spectacle that I watched moving down the channel, from the safety of my doorway. Not so much wind at that point, but in the early hours, I was awakened by extremely heavy rain being propelled by very strong winds.

Along for the trip, three all new to BIF1. Further irony. I hate when those that haven't experienced the fishing being on, experience the fishing being off. Julian, Gordon and Lawrence, also due to be joined by Mitch who fell foul of regular non holiday traffic on his journey from London town, and instead rescheduled to join the three o clock sailing. Some takes missed, a couple of on and off's, some fun with cuttles, but the end result, from three hours of the guys all doing it right, was just one gurnard, and one small bass.

Last sailing, and Mitch was joined by Max, Paul, and new to BIF1 Nick. But in no way new to fishing, as showed immediately. He grasped the technique, and caught bass. I think seven or eight was the final tally, with just one creeping over the 42cm. Plus our 11th coddie of the season, and the smallest yet. Very hard fishing indeed. Im almost not too unhappy, that it is looking like Saturday before I sail again.

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