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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th December 2023

On learning where the commercials are finding good bass shoals, and with the results dropping down to zero bass today, I take it all back. It does rather look like bass are behaving more like five years or so ago, and have vacated the inshore region. It could still be down to rainwater, as our river shot up again to flood levels two nights ago. Or it could be the bass shoals migrating westwards, which last year did not seem to happen until the end of January. Time, as always, will tell.

Fish were caught however. 7 rods across six hours of fishing made for five wrasse and double figures of small whiting. A lot of marks inaccesible due to nets today as well which didn't help. I shouldn't imagine those nets got much as I was marking very few fish anyhow, so likely they will be elsewhere when it is sailing time again. Highlight of both trips, was a pair of harbour porpoise working the herring shoals.

A week off now, fishing of course. A wedding gift for a very lovely couple. They want a stingray. That should be on the first cast. Perhaps we can also squeeze in some bonito and white trevally on lures as well.

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