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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th May 2021

Left the calmer, morning seas alone, as the sediment and algae compressed by the winds, the first SW winds in months, needed to drop out a bit. Got to let the dog see the rabbit. Mostly. But I honoured the last sailing, with just Max booked on. I had warned him to bring waterproofs as there was a spike of wind due half way through the session.

But the wind spiked a little harder than expected, as a thick ridge of dark cloud seemed to intensify it. It took a couple of moves to find a shoal of bass that wanted to feed, and we were managing one a drift. On the fourth drift though, it was yet another reef pollack that fell to Max's rod. Further evidence that some kind of recovery is happening. Great stuff. But by now, the sea had got so bouncy, that good lure control was almost impossible. With white horses all around, I made the call to smash back to the marina. A very interesting hour and a half.

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