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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th September 2020

First sailing, and out onto calm, if slightly murky seas. I truly could not decide where to go, but I elected to go east, if for no other reason than fishing inshore along those amazing white cliffs, is often enough of a fill in itself. Although, as we headed out, there was a wee dree (?) in the air. It soon cleared though, leaving a very nice mornings fishing.

We were off the mark quite quickly as well. On board, I had mother and son team Chris and David. It was kind of down to Chris for dragging David into the game of fishing as a youngster, and it clearly paid off. Both had great rod skills. I drilled down, to discover that Chris herself was also bought into it as a toddler, by her own parents. What a heritage!!

It took a few jumps before we found some more consistent fishing. And a surprise. Well, not really a surprise, as I am expecting numbers to thicken up quickly, bought in with the big tides perhaps. Coughing up that special little crab that I don't find under the rocks in the intertidal zone. A clue perhaps to their invasion when water temperatures are at their highest. A sweet little codling.

Final tally was ten very well earned bass, plus that cute codling. A really great session. But... Biggest fish perhaps around 3lb. As I steamed back, that big black bass from yesterday came into my mind. I determined to run the next session on that same ground, and see what might happen. A quick coffee and toastie at the Cherry Tree café, and then onto the fishing once more, with regulars Will and Mark on board.

It was a most excellent move. The wind had swung around to the SW by now, and freshened a little, as forecast, so some swell. But no biggie. There were however, biggies about. I bagged the first one, weighed on board at between 6.5 and 7lb.

Will then went one better, with an epic battle with an unseen monster. Unseen that is, until the head of a double figure bass popped out of the slight murk. Happily, Will controlled it like a pro, and the net was under it in no time. Weighed onboard at between 10 and 10.5lb. First double of the year. A great monkey off the back for Will also. Such elusive beasts.

Mark then banged out two 5lb fish on the trot. I weighed the bigger one at between 5lb 4 and 6lb on an ever bumpier boat. Great fishing. And very evenly distributed, as when the bugger off bugler made his call, the tally of fifteen was five bass for each of us. Big smiles all the way to the dock. Where we said goodbye to Will, and then met Laura. I was hoping the wind, which had increased a lot, was just a spike, as it was not forecasted, so we went and had a coffee first.

With the tide now beginning to ebb, we would see the worst of the sea as we headed out. And that, we certainly did. Bouncy as hell with white horses everywhere. I pushed out a mile to see if it was any better, but it was not, and we all agreed, time to abandon. A real shame, as I wanted back on those fishes.

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