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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th July 2022

Another tale of woe. I guess quite predictable , or so I mthought until I chatted with a friend who was out on his own boat. Now I realise it was lack of perseverance on my part perhaps.. Whatever it was, it resulted in poor catches for both my crews today. But a former client turned friend and fellow boat owner did well, on tactics and spots learned from my vessel. I am hoping to utilise this to have a much better day. My two sessions with two crews today, resulted in mackerel (I have taken to offering a single feather rod shared due to the current bass crisis. One set too many really. I hate feathers) gurnard, and just five bass, all too small for cuisine. While my friend smashed twenty fish to the high fifties. Irony is, I was in there, and tried same methods, twice today. But tomorrow, we will be giving it much longer.

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