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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th October 2021

Out onto the most amazing sunrise. Just enough low lying mist to filter the rising sun, enough to actually see it as the amazing round orb that it is. Really Stunning stuff. A great start to what actually turned out to be a really good session. We went and killed half an hour awaiting some flood tide, working a place where cod can often be found over the low. Just a bass to start us off on this occasion though.

I'm so rude. I forgot to introduce the crew. With me this morning, all returning, was Richard, Jamie, Max, and current BIF1 bass record holder (12.5lb) Howard. Having not managed a double onto the deck so far this year, I had high hopes for Howard...

Once we had the flood, I moved onto the main event. Always a bit of a trembly moment this. For me, anyhow. Its a big relief off the shoulders when the fish are actually where you are expecting them to be, and not nearly as straight forward as it should be. This conversation came up today on the boat. Cod, truly predictable, and possibly the reason they are in such dire straights in the eastern channel. Bass, make it up every day.

But, happily, everything was in order. Twenty five fish landed. Mostly over the 42cm. All culinary requirements were met. And plenty more returned. Lots of rod bending, reel screaming moments. Happy people walking off the pontoon. Doesnt get much better than that.

Breakfast, then onto the next sailing. It was my pleasure to welcome back Shaun, who this time had bought along his wife, Sarah, and colleagues Darren and George. Thats trust for you. And we had the reverse problem from the morning session. Now we had some very slack water, as we awaited the reverse flow and some pace. Again we tried some coddy spots, as cod do seem to hit the lures best as the tide eases back. Again we failed.

It took until we had a knot of tide before we found more regular success. Top rod was probably Sarah, who had a cracking brace. But everyone caught, as we nudged the numbers up to 12. Best action was when the wind swung back to the east, just prior to calming completely, and we were pushing through at 1.4 knots. Today, the fish wanted fast food.

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