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August 13, 2018

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Introducing the partnership...

 Some of the catch from the first time I guided for Bruce. He is a results driven guy. I often wonder what might have happened had we blanked...


I have often felt very lucky. Very looked after in a "from above" kind of way. When I was a younger guy, I think I held on to the testosterone and teenage angst far longer than was healthy. I think it is fair to say I was quite an angry young man. For no good reason at all. And life never seemed to go where I wanted. But as soon as I took the decision to leave commuter hell, and focus on doing something that I enjoyed, life changed. And through the guided shore fishing I met Bruce.


Brighton shore guide Robin Howard, a.k.a. "Fishyrob" in action


Bruce struck me as someone quite different to most people. I know many musicians. I work in Brighton, and many musicians enjoy fishing, and many musicians are actually quite successful in earning money. But poor in having time. I don't just mean rock and roll superstars. I have enjoyed regular patronage of two composers, and at least three members of the Royal Philharmonic orchestra.


 We have enjoyed many hundreds of rod hours together since that first session...


But what made Bruce stand out to me, was his business acumen. Whilst we were fishing together for the first time, I got his life story up to that point. Where Bruce differed from most rock and roll superstars, was that he never lived for the moment. Because he was clever enough to realise that the moment was not going to be forever. And when the moment finally extinguished itself, Bruce was ready. No fast cars on his drive. Instead he sunk his life earnings into an education project. But that wasn't enough for Bruce. To make sure he understood this product fully, he went back to school. He came out as Bruce Dickinson MA, the qualification being in Education Management. Since I have known him he has enjoyed success with a new "old style" rock and roll band, and formed a very successful property company.


 The lad can fish...


Why am I telling you all of this? Back to the top. When a guy with this kind of business history asks you "Shall we start a business together" does that mean whomever is responsible for creation is not looking after your interests? Oh, and I have seen the guy fish. More than that, I have seen the guy out fish me. More than enough credentials to entertain a business partnership with I feel...



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