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August 13, 2018

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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 20th May 2018

 Fish of the day, just for that smile...

Another day with zero interest in the early start. And just my old mucker Andy sailing on the 0930. And another slightly better day may rot wise, which was encouraging. We headed to the bass, but the bass were not playing. Tried another patch of rock and nothing doing there either. Andy was happy to try for plaice, and finally, we had a species that was playing ball. I was worried a bit, as I only had a pack of red isomes, and had so much confidence with white, that I wouldnt be sure if we did not get action if it was the plaice not playing ball, or the plaice not wanting red. As it happened, both plaice and small gurnards were playing ball and liking red isomes. Not on fire fishing, but regular interest that kept us happy till it was turnaround time. Also a couple of full strings of mackerel on feathers left dangling in desperation...

 Good to see

Markey and Damien were back for the 1330, with Garry also joining us, and Andy remaining on board. Full house. All big lads as well, which means extra care with choreography to keep the boat balance nicely. We started with an hour on the bass, which we did again bump into, but this time they were keeping very tight mouthed. Just a single brief take to Garry as he wound up quite close to the boat. Having had a few hours ashore, and my head analysing the day, I think I might have something to remedy this situation for tomorrow... With the plaice fishing having been ok, we called it that we would go do this. Especially as Marky and Damien had been superstars, and gone and wiped out Southwick Tackle's XL white Isome stock. And the fishing was, if anything, slightly better. Especially for Damo, who out fished everyone with a steady stream of small gurnards, and plaice, including some decent fish nudging the 2lb mark. And another thing I have never seen before. A plaice of around 1lb being bought to the boat, when from out of nowhere, in 40 feet of water, a cuttlefish shot in and tried to take it...

 Garry enjoying the plaice action...

For the evening session, my main man Bruce was finally getting afloat, having scratched a few hours out of his busy routine with family and his new music college "Waterbear". Muso's, you really need to google that... Just saying like... And also another BIF1 addict, Daniele, who bought his sons Aaron and Carl to get hooked. I was very excited for the session. I thought we would hit the bass better, and that if not, the plaice would be good fishing. Neither really happened. A solitary bass for Carl, and some cute little gurnards for both of them. But really, the fish had switched off, despite what seemed like perfect plaice conditions. But I think everyone had a good time. When the fishing is slow, I step up the banter. Who couldnt enjoy that...

 Carl with the only bass of the day.

Spaces tomorrow, but no phone as it is in the bottom of the sea... I recommend facebook messaging on our Brighton inshore fishing page, or an email to 1st sailing tomorrow now 1330 followed by a 1730 as I need to get a sim and a phone sorted in the morning. And pick up the ten packets of isomes Veals mail order have sent me, currently residing in North Road Post office coz I was at sea when the postie came.., Also spaces Tuesday on a good forecast.







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