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August 13, 2018

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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th July 2018

 I'll give this one fish of the day, for Marko, but not a lot in it...


A really lovely session this morning. But to really bring you into the situation, I need to make a short story perhaps overly long...  I guess you will decide. As long as you know you can switch the channel on this interweb thingy any time you like. Or skip to the pictures. Your call... 


About a month ago, I had a long lost friend arrive to stay with me for a few days. Selene was somebody I basically killed time with in Essex. When I say killed time, I mean, totally massacred it without any end result. Music, chilling, infused with perhaps a little drinking, was pretty much the only way to spend time in Essex. And I owned my own flat.. Selene was a regular visitor. When she decided to drill down on family roots in America, I was a little sad. So, when she said she was coming visiting relatives in the UK, and wanted to end with some chill time with me, I was wrapped. We went out,.as I proudly showed her my places around town.  And we hooked up with another of her long lost pals. Ash. And I invited my new not at all lost pal, Anne. And we all went out for dinner... However, a very busy Brighton meant not many tables. "My mates restaurant has plenty of spaces" volunteered Ash. Which is how I find myself enjoying my first experience of the italian restaurant "Al Duomo". 

 Alberto LOVED it as much as I love his Long Island Iced teas I feel...


The food was excellent. Later, as the madness subsided, the owner, Alberto and his son Marko came to say hi. After complimenting them on their excellent chef's , and even better cocktail waiters, somehow, and I really dont understand how, the conversation turned to fishing. No... wait... I remember how... I think I said something like "So... do you fish?" Happily, the answer was "Hell yeah"... Unlike when I asked Super Hans (Peep show) when I bumped into him at a party over christmas.. "No mate" was his reply, with a blank stare, which showed no mercy for the huge social pit I had just dug for myself... 


Which brings me back to the lovely morning. How could it not be, with such lovely people on board. Of course, that conversation had led to their curiosity. Today, it would be satisfied. Only one problem. I had somehow LOST the tip eye of the Airflo Bluetooth, so we were down to one fly outfit on board (since rectified... thanks to an ancient FENWICK donor I had forgotten all about...) It just meant that one would lure, one would fly and then they would swap.

 Fog arrived to create some spectacular sea scapes

The day began well, often the case with first sailings and bright sunny days. And the guys were switched on, and picked up the techniques quickly. Surface lures worked nicely. Shads did good. Fly, well, to jump from #5 trout gear, to #10 shooting head gear, is tough. It actually is tough because it is a lot easier. But you sort of have to forget all about how you cast #5 gear as it is quite a different experience. Especially on a gently rolling boat. So sadly, no bass on the fly. A couple of opportunities, but even the strike takes some practice to get it happening. I would say though, that the couple of pulls they got, inspired them immensely. Marko especially, really put everything into it. With some practice, they will be smashing them on the fly like a ... Matt Roberts... 


The shads produced the goods though, although once more we suffered too many lost fish. Hooked, big head shakes, screaming runs, even on the way to the net, and then off. I will mess around with that tomorrow. And the bass also produced the goods. I believe we might possibly have two new BIF addicts. Which is only fair, as I am totally addicted to "Al Duomo". See you tomorrow night guys... 



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