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About Us

The service...
  • BIF is a guided fishing service running from Brighton Marina specialising in close range fly/ lure/ lrf fishing for bass, cod, pollock, wrasse, plaice and species hunting.Designed purely with the lure angler in mind, she is equipped almost bare boned. Comforts have been sacrificed for the sake of pure fishability. As a result, she can cater for four lure anglers or two fly anglers with ease.  Refreshments and comfortable seating are not available…

Driven by results...  

The sheer delight in hooking big predatory beasts in sub fifty feet of water, on 28gm class lure tackle, or #9 fly gear, simply cannot be expressed with any amount of creative writing. As a successful salmon anglers once said "The bug is in the tug". Well, the bug is also in the crash diving, reel screaming effect of bass, wrasse and pollock trying to make it home again. And the variety is endless. In the three years of research leading up to this project, as well as the usual suspects. Fly and lure caught turbot have features, as well as plaice on big shads, undulate rays, all the gurnard species etc etc. Smiles Guaranteed on faces...


  • BIF comprises of a partnership of 2 skippers. Recently qualified for commercial skippering, but with many years both afloat and ashore between them. Robin Howard, a.k.a. Fishyrob, and Bruce Dickinson, former lead guitarist of the rock group “Little Angels” and a very successful businessman in the world of music education with an MA in education management.

  • As well as guiding people to catching fish for the last twelve years. Robin is also a regular contributor to the saltwater magazines, “Total Sea Fishing”  owned by David Hall Publishing, and “Saltwater Boat Angling” a new, independent and expanding publication solely focused on boat fishing

  • Both Robin and Bruce are forward thinking in their approach to modern charter and lure fishing, and to opening new horizons for a new breed of angler. 



Insured and Legal

"B.I.F. 1" carries full indemnity insurance, with third party cover to £3 million. 

Skippers are certified for passages up to 3 ,miles from nominated port, in fair weather conditions in daylight.

"B.I.F. 1" is certified coded to category 5 of the Maritime and Coastguard agency code of practice.