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About Us

The service...
  • BIF is a guided fishing service running from Brighton Marina specialising in  fly and lure fishing for bass, and lure fishing for cod, pollock, wrasse, plaice and species hunting. Designed purely with the lure angler in mind, she is equipped almost bare boned. Comforts have been sacrificed for the sake of pure fishability. 

Driven by results...  

The sheer delight in hooking big predatory beasts in sub fifty feet of water, on 28gm class lure tackle, or #9 fly gear, simply cannot be expressed with any amount of creative writing. As a successful salmon anglers once said "The bug is in the tug". Well, the bug is also in the crash diving, reel screaming effect of bass, wrasse and pollock trying to make it home again. And the variety is endless. In the three years of research leading up to this project, as well as the usual suspects. Fly and lure caught  plaice, undulate rays, all the gurnard species etc etc. Smiles Guaranteed on faces...


The Cephalopod experience...

We are very lucky to be visited by two species of squid and one species of cuttlefish here in Brighton. Loligo Vulgaris is a late autumn visitor, and Loligo Forbessi both an early winter, and late spring visitor. 

When these creatures are on the feed, the fishing can be frantic. The biggest Forbessi are the early winter ones, which often follow the bait balls, and like to hang out with the cod. 


The Cod paradox...

Contrary to popular belief, the inshore reef cod still exist, and numbers vary from year to year. They arrive with the peak water temperatures in mid August to gorge on the crabs, and remain until Christmas, when they tend to move off to spawn. If there is to be a spring run, then they return once more to gorge on crabs, usually around late March, with fish hanging around as late as mid May some years. 

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