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Things people ask...

We are very different... There were bound to be questions...

* How do I get to the boat?

Make your way to the top of the ramp leading down to the boats at the West pontoon in the marina, in front of the restaurant "ZIZZI". At the agreed time, you will be met and led to the boat

* Can I book more than three hours...?

Absolutely. Simply say how many three hour sessions you would like to fish. And enjoy the short break between sessions to re-charge. 

*What tackle should I bring?

As little as possible. Or none at all. Included in the price is tackle chosen for its reliability and specifically rigged for shore lure fishing afloat. BIF1 is a roomy platform for lure fishing. But large tackle boxes are potential trip hazards. Smaller boxes that can be stowed centrally are fine. Fly anglers are also catered for, but should they wish to use their own tackle, will require #9 or #10 single handed rods, with fast sink and floating lines. Small, spratt sized deceivers and Fulling Mill Saltwater skippers are highly recommended for fly choice.

*Why shallow water?

Fishing shallow water brings many benefits. Especially for the fish. Fish caught in water of less than 60 feet, have a far greater chance of survival, on release, than fish caught in anything deeper. The "bends" affects fish bought quickly to the surface, just as it does divers. By avoiding deeper waters, we know our impact on non-target fish will be negligible, and our impact on what is becoming an ever more fragile marine environment will also be negligible. Additionally, fishing shallower waters enable us to fish much lighter tackle. Kinder on joints and muscles, the difference between fishing 28gm shads compared to say, 200gm jigs required for deeper waters where currents are fiercer, can be felt. Literally. And fishing shallow waters enables us to employ shore tactics, to cover more water. And inevitably, produce more fish. 

*What is "Shore luring afloat"

It is the fusion of running water lure tactics, with vertical jigging. It enables the use of much lighter tackle, even when a big tidal coefficient is pushing. And it is only viable from a raked down open boat that can creep into position with minimal disturbance. A boat just like "BIF1".

*What clothes should I bring?

We call it "Shore luring afloat" for two reasons. The techniques are very similar to those employed ashore. And the boat is an open boat fishing in the English channel. Dress as you would for a shore session. In the summer it can be cold, and yet the sun is strong. SPF 50 between May and September. Sunglasses (polaroids can make it more fun) and a hat are also recommended. In the winter, wrap as for the shore, and then add a couple of layers. Woolly hat and quality gloves essential. No cosy wheel house to escape the elements. 

*Should I bring refreshments? Is there a toilet on board?

You are responsible for your own refreshments, but please remember each session is just three hours, with opportunity for refreshments between sailings. There is no toilet on board. However, historically all situations have been catered for at sea for both male and female clients. 

*Can I take fish for the table?

BIF dreams of the days when fish brim in the oceans. In the meantime, we will do everything possible to promote fish conservation. Laws effected for the recovery of stocks are strictly adhered to. However, taking fish for the table is the ONLY justification for sticking hooks into fish. If you wish to take fish for the table, according to any legal restrictions on those fish, then we welcome self sufficiency and actively encourage you to take some for the table for your family to enjoy. We draw the line at friends, friends of friends and definitely have bad opinions of supplying the local landlord in exchange for a few pints. If the landlord wants fish, he is welcome to book a session for himself. Please respect the fish by having a cool box in the car, and purchasing ice from Asda's on the way home.


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