Booking BIF1...

Booking BIF1 is very simple....

With notice, is best. This guarantees your place on B.I.F. 1


Simply email -

For short notice boarding - call 07970 112774


All sailings are 3 hours actual fishing time - High summer 4 sailings per day, mid winter - 2 sailings a day

Prices - £160 Whole boat charter. Can be max 2 non household, or 3 same household.  Individuals £80. Max 2 per sailing.  

In the event of a sailing being cancelled at sea, only the hours fished will be charged for.

Payment to bank account via online transfer preferred. Details on request. 

Short notice, is very possible. - Simply call either 07970 112774 . Text if no reply. We are likely unhooking fish... We will advise you of the time of our next port call, you present yourself at this time outside ZiZi restuarant by the west quay, in Brighton marina, and the skipper will meet with you and take you to BIF1 to join the rest of the party.


Remember - we supply everything except appropriate clothing.

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