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Had a brilliant trip with Robin this morning. Brilliant fishing with the Dad and Brother. No better way to spend a Saturday morning.

If you want a brilliant service and a bend in the rod then book with probably the most knowledgeable skipper I’ve met.

Certainly not the last time I’ll be going!

Luke Livingstone - 15th August 2020

Excellent trip. Robin really knows his stuff. Got my 8 year old on the fish pretty quickly. Well worth the journey from London. I now have an 8 year old that caught more fish than me today. Loads of plaice and A schoolie bass . Thanks Robin for a great experience and will see you again soon i hope. Forgot to add no more smelly hands from baits ​

Jay Jay - 8th June 2020

Great guide with vast knowledge, always very helpful and friendly!

Chris Crat - 12th December 2019

Brilliant guide and well organised skipper with the quality tackle supplied to use. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Garry Hazel - 26th August 2019

Amazing sea fishing day with Robin. Boys, age 9 and 11 said it was the best day ever! We travelled from Staffordshire and we’ll definitely be returning. Highly recommend.

Mandy Louise - 22nd August 2019

Great morning out on the fly took some working out but Rob certainly knows where to go and always put us on fish.

Can’t wait to get back out and highly recommendable.

Paul Shaw - 24th July 2019

You must book a trip with Robin and experience lure fishing at its finest. No one else does it as well and Robin works so hard to get you the fish. We landed and returned over 30 fish drifting small inshore reefs for bass. Once you have experienced a bass on a light lure rod you won't go back to heavy fishing tackle and smelly baits Check out all of Robin's posts as he catches most species dependant on the season. We will be back for more.

Andrew Small - 17th July 2019

Being a professional bass line fisherman for many years now i know that techniques varies a lot from spot to spot. Brighton shores are no exception to that rule and i got very lucky to meet Robin. He offered me the opportunity to join his evening trip. Nevertheless my years of experience, no Robin would have ment no fish for me that evening. His knowledge of the spots, techniques in certain conditions and, above all, his enthousiasme explaining and teaching, are all well above average.

Just listen carefully to his explanations, do what he does and you might very well be rewarded with a beautiful silver knight.

Thanks Robin, can’t wait to have you on my boat and show you how we fish Bass in Belgian off shore waters.

Bonne peche a tous !

Laurent. Raynall - 10th july 2019


Rob is a great skipper with stunning local knowledge, fast boat and everything provided, its great value for what you get, he put us straight on the fish and I returned a bass that was around 6 lbs and kept a 3.5 lbs one for the table....result!

Jon Bryant- 26th June 2019

Rob always takes every effort to try and give his customers an enjoyable day's fishing. I've never been disappointed.

Stewart Allum - 3rd June 2019

Brilliant skipper who is hard working to put you on the fish, very good with youngsters and a very friendly and enjoyable time on the water.

Saltfish Danny - 13th March 2019

Can not be better. Robin is the master

Armand Boni - 1st March 2019

Great personal service, Rob always works hard for you.

David Widdick - 31st December 2018

Great first outing with yourself, most definitely won't be my last!

Fantastic afternoon sail, thanks for a professional and truly amazing experience.

Luke Kay-Clough 21st October 2018

This was a very special trip.

Many years ago, back in the 1960's my father used to love fishing on the South coast of South Africa, shad being the target.

For many years this was the annual family holiday.

Those were days long past and bringing ux up to date, my father now suffers from dementia, and i contacted Rob and taljed to him re taking my father on a trip with a view of reminding him of happier times.

Well, what can i say about Rob.

He was so understanding and attentive to all my fathers needs. He helped him all the way, from ensuring he had the appropriate clothing, helping him on andoff the boat, and throughout the trip made sure my father and his reel set properly and the lure at the correct depth.

We had to cut the trip a bit short, nothing to do with Rob, but my father was getting cold and loosing attention.

But, it brought the memories and smikes back, objective achieved.

If you know somebody who suffers dementia and used to fish, and you have fishing experience, them I highly recommend Rob. A true gentleman and full of kindness.

Keep up the good work Rob

Clive Stanton - 30th October 2018

Went out on a family day trip with robin.. what a lovely guy, the kids adored him and can’t wait to go again after catching lots of fish on their first ever trip!!

Can not recommend highly enough!!

Thankyou for a 5***** star trip rob

Pablo Gonzalez - 7th August 2018

My 11 year old son and I had the best fishing trip! The weather was amazing, and the whole experience was fantastic. Robin taught us so much and we enjoyed every moment! We will definitely be back for more. Thank you Robin!

Tabatha Fireman - 5th August 2018

Top skipper who’s knows his stuff and wants nothing more than to see you catch, which you will do!

Boat and gear that comes with it is top knotch and robin will tell you why you’re doing what you’re doing so that you actually learn as you go rather than perhaps not understand why you’re doing what you’re doing which many don’t bother to do.

All in all well worth the money and this won’t be my last time onboard. 10/10

Ben Stoten - 7th May 2018

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