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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th August 2017

A momentous day for BIF as we welcomed two members of the Lithuanian national angling squad aboard. Martynas and Tomas. I have many friends in the satellite countries of the former soviet block, and many of them are absolute fishing fanatics, and at the top end of their game. So I was very excited to take my new friends out for a crack at Brighton spikeys.

Neptune wanted this session to leave an impression. He arranged an absolute perfect dawn. What tiny breeze there was, sent from the North, to create a perfect drift.. Flat seas, and smashing fish to assist location. Perfect. It had to be all about surface lures, and of course, it was. Heddon One knocker spooks to be precise.

An excellent morning. Lots of missed takes and splashes. Plenty of hook ups. And a few better fish, including a cracker for Tomas at 5lb 4oz. "Walking the dog" was a new experience for both these guys, but they listened well, and applied their new skills with precision. Even Garfish were fooled.

The 2nd sailing, was much tougher. A repeat of recent sessions where despite being on top of plenty of marks, the fish simply wouldn't chase the lures. Some interest, but not at the pace of the previous session. By now, I feel we had a raport. The guys (and me to be honest) were still buzzing from the antics of the morning., so the slower pace allowed for them to experiment. Something we actively encourage on BIF1. Both Captain Bruce and I I are big fans of "fresh eyes". The final tally on the day, 22 bass landed, to a best of 5lb 4oz. Not firing on full, but definitely looking up..

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