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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th September 2018 CAT - 10

After the success of the previous day, there really was nothing to decide as to where to head for. With quite calm seas, back to the velvet reefs it was. However,.not so much action there. It took a little re-locate to one of my more regular spots on this reef system, to make that happen, and here Jon, Ashley and myself found again, nice sport with quality fish. No doubles on this session, but perhaps ten or a dozen (Im only specifically counting cod this year) quality fish to around 7lb, before it was time to do the obligatory cod hunt for the last hour. No coddies showed though but despite that little failure, a most enjoyable session.

2nd session and I had Harry returning to BIF1, complete with his dad Remzi on a visit over from Turkey. And also I had on board a new guy to my gig, Mark, who had come on the recommendation of a previous client, which always makes me happy. A two pronged approach. To the bass, for some rod bends, and then a go for cod, finishing on a mackerel frenzy for bbq plans all had.

Phase 1 went well. Back on those crab feeding spikeys. Again, quality fish, and good action. Its turning into a very good September, and on top of that, these crab feeders are inspiring me to work the shore once more this week, on baits, whilst we have these winds. All interested parties, please apply on 07970 112774. Waders will make the experience more productive...

Remzi did good...

Phase 2, was a no-go... Wind was now a major factor, and as well as pushing us off the desired drifts, it was touch and go if we would make the entire three hour session, as the Westerly wind over the ebbing tide made for some nasty short swells. But we toughed it out and went on a mackerel search. Surprisingly tough to find, but eventually we managed just enough good sized mackerel for my crews requirements. With that, we came back in, and I was very happy to get out of the worsening sea conditions.

Sailings for this week coming, look like Wednesday all day, Thursday all day and Friday morning, based on the current forecast. This of course can change, so please keep an eye on our facebook page - Brighton Inshore Fishing, where all sailings are announced. Else give me a message or call on 07970 112774. If we can get out, the fishing should be at a peak. These bigger tides are even now bringing more and more cod inshore, as beach results this week are showing. Should be codilicious, and bassilicious, all at the same time. The biggest problem, will be deciding what to target. I like those kind of problems...

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