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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th September 2018 - CAT 25

Today was Uncle Mark's birthday with nephew Damo making up the rest of the crew. And out into initially very kind winds and sea, with a light Northerly breeze meaning everything was possible. We went and played on the bass for a while, where we found plenty in feeding mood, but oh, so small. Biggest perhaps just 1.5lb Although there was some fun in this, I think the previous days coddies sat in all our minds, so we spent the rest of the session prospecting, attempting to find where the blighters hide on the flood. Still havent nailed that one yet, and today was not the day the Eureka moment came. Stacks of mackerel bye catch though. Indeed, this day, mackerel were abundant in every location we fished, proving to be a right pain in the backside!!!

Plaice had also been mentioned, so for the first time since early summer, the isomes came out to play. In the early summer however, Mackerel were scarce... The plaice hardly had a chance, although two made it to the boat. I could almost picture plaice opening their mouths, for mackerel to come swooping in to steal their intended meal. Probably a good thing for the plaice. Deffo a bad thing for the mackerel, as I am currently stacking bait for shore trips when the wind next blows... Gurnard also put in an appearance.

2nd sailing, was all about finding coddies. A newbie to BIF1, Tom, and fellow berth holder Ian joined us for this one. And coddies we did find. Well, just a single coddie to Mark. One bumped by myself (later inspection showed the tip of the hook nipped over... So, that's the end of later inspections... now they will be immediate inspections when a fish is bumped...) Too many mackerel again. We jumped around spots, but the only other fish of real note were a bass of around 3lb to myself, and perhaps the biggest Grey Gurnard we have seen on BIF1 both falling to 40gm HTO Arctic eels. These are my preferred cod lure in sub 50' of water. The big paddle means a slow, but vibrant descent, which enables fish to easily move and intercept the lure. Sadly, they have also been discontinued, so should you see any for sale, and own your own boat, I suggest you get in there. Glasgow Angling Center was reputed to be knocking them out for £2 each!!!

There was no 3rd sailing. Or shouldn't have been. But the plaice were on my mind. I really wanted to try a bank where big fish had been prevalent earlier in the year. I threw it to Mark and Damo, who I was drinking coffee with at "piggies". Their eyes lit up. We headed to the bank, caught one small plaice (a double shot... mackerel being the other) and then I got fed up with the mackerel. "Want to find a coddie?" I suggested. We were a long way west, and there was one often reliable spot nenearbye. Of course they wanted to find a coddie. So we did. Just one again, falling to my rod. However, any Sussex coddie is a result, And our Cod Accumulative Total keeps on creeping up...

Friday and Saturday forecast a bit suspect at the moment, although improving, which is often a good sign. Can I ask everyone booked in for these days to check in with me on 07970 112774 approx 8pm the night before? Thursday looking awesome, with spaces.

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