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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th September 2019 C.A.T. 21

First sailing, and regular Paul was joined by Keith, Kevan and Yvette. With all that is going on under the sea at the moment, it is quite hard to work out what to do where, but we started with a look for a coddie. We found two, one wee one for Yvette, one better one for Kevan. So good in fact, that it is a new BIF1 record at 10.5lb. Yet it was quite slender... Mid doubles by xmas? Maybe... feed on, coddies...

On to the bass. It went poorly at the first mark, with the usual problem. Too many mackerel. But at the second, mackerel were missing, perhaps because the bass were active, and soon falling, to both surface lures and HTO Mighty minnows. Table fish were eventually found for all who wanted them. Banter was top notch. I was having a ball to be fair. It all came together nicely, and happy, smiley people left the boat. Still maintaining my "Smiles Guaranteed" thing...

2nd sailing, we retained Paul, and took on board Phil, Ben and Darren. And out into a bouncy sea with a strengthening SW wind. We had a look for a coddie, but didnt find one. On to the bass. Bit wet splashing down to the mark and happy that the inshore water temperature is still around 18 degrees. We began, but the fish were perhaps slightly less obliging. Or more, the drifts were all wrong, being pushed North to South and crossing the tide. We got some, but with the wind picking up and more and more whitecaps appearing. I made the decision to go to a cod mark close to the marina. that should the wind get any worse, would mean a much shorter transit to the marina. Good call for Paul, who got a cod around 4lb. A 2nd smaller one followed. Just cant remember who caught it... Its late...

Final sailing, and it was whole boat chartered to Bruce, the man who got me into this mess... This Monday (every Monday last sailing is booked to Bruce...) he invited along G, Gavin, and young Ollie, whom you might recognise if you shop in Lagoon Bait and tackle on a Saturday. With G putting the pressure on early doors, by pointing out he would be cooking bouillabaisse for a party of four... Damn the French. Did they really need so many different ingredients for what effectively is fish soup???

Well, the real one requires a species of Sculpin we do not have in the UK, so it was never going to be authentic. But, in our travels, we managed to put together bass, pout, a surprise big gurnard for the time of year, and of course, the ever present Mackerel and cuttlefish. Not bad. Ollie said he wanted to catch a wrasse, so we went and did that pretty quickly. Generally though, a bit like last sailing yesterday. A bit of a struggle. Yet, once again very funny banter. I like Bruce WBC days. He knows how to find the happy hearts...

Some spaces left. Weekend, feel free to ask, with some slots available, although on the current forecast not looking so likely. Hpwever, that how Thursday was looking and now forecast very good. Time will tell. 07970 112774 if you fancy a gamble.

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