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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th September 2019

Curse of the Northerly affected catches first thing. Drifting across the tide, rather than with it, when you find a shoal, you trip across it, rather than moving with it. Not that there were many shoals to be found. Regulars Paul and Mark were joined by Scott and another Paul. Paul D for the sake of this entry. Bait suddenly missing again, and the bulk of the fish seem to have moved with it. Indeed, we spent perhaps 2.5 hours bassing, for one good one to Paul (7lb 4oz), a gurnard and far less mackerel than we have been used to.

2nd sailing, and I headed in the opposite direction with Paul still on board, and joined by Barry, Ed and James. Nothing bassy happening in close, but perhaps the fish of the day was a very cute and spike riddled John Dory, only the 3rd in our brief history to James. Finally, offshore a little in an ever more bouncy sea (wind now swung from NE to E) I found, and could stay on, thanks to the wind shift, a small shoal of bass. Two table fish from the shoal, and several released. We finished on a cod mark close to the marina, as I was ever concious of the worsening sea state. And due to that, 3rd sailing was cancelled.

I did take two of the guys out on the arm. One 45cm fish for their dinner. But again, the wind was a problem, making staying in touch with the lure very difficult. Good fun none the less. I do like a challenge...

Wind looking to shut me down till next weekend at the earliest at the moment, although Sunday might yet be a sail. Thursday the new engine is due to be fitted if everything goes well. Exciting times. 07970 112774 if you want to book something in and help me pay for it.

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