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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th September 2020

First sailing on yet another glassy sea, was very regular Mark joined by almost as regular Max. It started pretty well, with two fish on the first drift, but then became a bit of a struggle. Indeed, it was a total grueller. Not much to say about this session really.

The guys fished really well. But it was one of those sessions. I lost a proper beast, for no good reason, and went on to lose another very good fish, for no good reason either. I promptly threw the lure in the rubbish bag. Two no good reason fish losses, are a very good reason to not have confidence in the lure you are using. And confidence is everything in bass fishing. The final tally was five bass, and there were bream, garfish and mackerel by-catch.

2nd sailing, and Mark remained and was joined by Mike, while poor Max had to go off to earn the money for his next trip. The glassy sea remained. And I went through a completely different routine to the morning one, to good effect. This time, we made double figures, plus Mike's first ever wrasse A much better session. However, a few more smalls beginning to show, after being mostly absent all summer.

3rd sailing, and it was the turn of Danny and his dad Peter, on the occasion of Peter's 81st birthday, and also his wedding anniversary (58th!!!!) so we were lucky to have him on board. Once again, the fishing was pretty tough. But by chipping away, we managed to get the total to 8 fish. Supporting act from Gurnard and mackerel. And the perfect anniversary gift to take home to Mrs Peter... A brace of wild, line caught bass...

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