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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th June 2020

First up Patrick, who, for his sins, decided to participate in 6 hours of non-stop Fishyrob rattling away in his ears. But actually, we clicked straight away, and the giggling didnt really stop. If your going to fish for six hours with a stranger, better that either, the fishing is red hot, or the banter is good. Well, the banter being good perhaps saved the day. The big fish spot was devoid of big fish. The regular places to find quality fish, well, I was marking fish. But the crab peel is perhaps still occupying their attention. A couple of quality wrasse also.

There was just one place where we found a shoal of fish, and a fairly big one, that were happy to hit shads. As well as rather a lot of pouting. And typically, just as we got into it, the bugler bugled the end of time. At least a fish to take up the road, and I think that, now he has discovered the blog, we will be seeing Patrick once more, as the fishing improves.

Next, and it was Jay, and his lad, Keaan. Just 8 years old, and bursting with enthusiasm, I must admit, after the mornings bassing, I was a little nervous. Young kids have to catch, to maintain their focus. Because as soon as they get bored, their attention span vanishes, and their chances of catching anything vanish with it. So, I split the session into 3 parts. A run around in case the bass had changed their mind, then see if the plaice were in their places, and happy to feed. And if successful. perhaps a last dash to a spot offshore, where I hadnt yet checked, and where fished best in the full ebbing tide, which we had ahead of us.

It all sort of went to plan. Still no bass, or no bass that wanted to feed. So, onto the plaice. Thank goodness, they were actually VERY happy to feed, and we put together a fair bag in the next hour. Then, out to hunt a bass. Happily for Jay, who REALLY wanted to catch one on a lure, one did indeed give itself up. But nothing for Keaan or I. So, back to the plaice to finish off another most enjoyable session.

Last sailing, and the man that made it all happen,. Captain Bruce was back on board. Determined to get a bass on fly. And, despite the best efforts of jet skiers donuting the shallows clear of bass East side, a trip to a regular flood reef was very worthwhile. We had fish most casts, and suddenly, bass seemed to be behaving normally again. All schoolies but very welcome. A good sign for tomorrows sailings? Only bass, or tomorrows sailings, will tell...

Looking like we might lose Thursday and Friday to wind, so if anyone on those sailings is interested, I still have one space on the 1400 on Wednesday. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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