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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th July 2022

Anyone that fishes with me regularly, and follows the blog, will recognise when I am not happy. Yesterday, I was very very unhappy. I did feel that it wasnt the fish responsible for the poor results, but my decisions on the day. And although my friends results on his own boat was a big slap to my ego, I do need that slap occasionally, to get me back to the core behaviours, to remember what month we are in. To get my shit together basically.

So, today we went back to my roots, and stayed with it. And it only worked! First sailing was Mike, Jake Carl and Dan. Dont get me wrong. We werent in the hundreds per sailing that comes with the autumn invasion of smalls. But we were back in the world of quality fish, and even table fish. A much happier place than a schoolie and a few mackerel. Eleven was the final tally, with a wrasse thrown in for good measure. Plus six or seven reef pollack to about 1.5lb. A lovely and unusual occurrence And a great craic with a great crew. A theme that happily continued all through the day.

Next up, Ian, Gavin, Will and... Batman. I shit you not. I met batman today. So, actually, from his family surname of Patman, and because children are horrible little sods, he got lumbered with Batman forever more. I pointed out, because always I seek the silver linings, that he was very lucky. One generation later, and the kids had that annoying little hand held game with the smiley that eats the pills. Pacman had been born.

With my mood much lifted from finally killing some bass in the morning (is that wrong of me...? I do impose a 59cm max kill, in hope of redemption) so even the slower action didnt hamper. I really thought it was going to go off big time, as doing the demo, on the very first cast, a bass smashed it, and I threw the rod at Clive to land. Unexpected. And also... the curse of the first cast. It wasnt a complete car crash, with five landed, and a brace for food.

Final sailing, and it was my great pleasure to meet Werner, Tom and Stuart. Werner was a former game warden on a reserve in South Africa. Fishing and shooting runs deep in him. Followed his heart to the UK. Left a boat and everything... A boat... Come on... Who leaves a boat for a woman... Surely, its the other way around? Or did I get even that wrong... I digress.

Again the fishing wasnt super hot. I think we managed just four landed, might have been five, with a fair few missed, and one cracker that Werner hooked, that failed at the leader knot. The only other time I have had this knot fail on me was on a bonito in Fuerteventura just before Christmas. Very unlucky. However, I do think the guys had a good time, and Tom was going up the road with one for the table.

I have availability, and good mood, due to a great forecast, on Monday 1100 sailing (3 spaces) and 1500 sailing (4 spaces) . text to 07970 112774 if that sounds appealing. And also an update on pricing. I remain determined to keep the individual prices pegged at £60 per angler per session. However, I will be, from the 1st October, be removing the small discount for whole boat charter. (currently £200) There will be only 4 spaces available, and should you want the boat to yourself, you will pay £240. The fly discount will also be removed (currently £160 for max 2 anglers) and fly fishing will be £240 max 2 anglers. I think in this way, I can soften the impact on my very thirsty floaty thing, and my income, of the price of fuel, thanks to that Russian twats ego. That one really does need a good slapping down.

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