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Brighton inshore Fishing Family Trip


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Idyllic three hour trip today with Fergus (aka Goose), sister Amy and dad Ian. I knew Rob had landed 18 bass to the boat before 10am with the dawn crew, so my intention was to get some action for the kids and give Ian a shout on connecting with a bass. We got out to the west beach well east of the banjo, just off the swim buoys, as close is as we're allowed this time of year. I quickly showed Fergus and Amy how to bait up and drop a plaice rig over the side. I have worked on making sure ( as much as you ever can with fishing) that the younger children get bites as quickly as possible, but this was a record, as Fergus had a small plaice on the bottom hook, before the top hook had hit the sea bed. The plaice fishing right now is ridiculous, and it must be mental on the beach as these fish are more or less in casting range.

Amy had bigger hooks for a bigger fish and within a few minutes we were catching the better place like these on isomes and bits of lug.

and another fatty boom batty flattie.

These chunky 2lb plus plaice pulled line off the drag and were exciting sport on the light rods. We have taken a shipment of tronnix pro Nebula bass rods. 9 foot up to 40 gram. They are brilliant rods and I prefer them by far to my Lucky craft sky road. They can take a right beating, are light and responsive and have the perfect tip to feel exactly what's happening with your lure on the sea bed or in the water column, and are stiff enough to set the hook. Even better they are so reasonably priced I wont cry too much if/ when I trap one in a car door or a customer sits on the blank. Perfect for shore fishing ( but I'd get the 35 Gramm version for that). It also has a great tip for topwater as it doesn't fold up when you bounce the rod...

By now both roads were bent into fish pretty much all the time, and Ian had managed two or three pulls on a savage gear sandeel. Odd bass were smashing prey near the boat and it was only luck that he hadn't nailed one.

So the plaice just kept biting and biting and after an hour and half we got four at once - you can see from the photo the average size was quite good, so after that I decided it was time for a change and we had a wiz round the pier to see the sites before heading to the marker buoy off the mariana mouth for mackerel.

We got a couple, and a solitary gurnard, over a long drift and we still had time to try for a proper bass, so we headed over the Eastside. The screen was alive with bait and bass marks, and I had real hopes Ian would catch, especially with Rob having two 7 lb fish on the boat yesterday. While Ian plugged away, I taught Amy and Fergus to cast, first with cautious sideways action and then with a bsci over head thump. after only a few minutes bother were managing decent 40 yard casts and had retrieves that had ever chance of catching a bass. As is often the way we could see them on the screen, but alas, they didn't want to give themselves up and, at 1pm, we reluctantly wouldn't in and headed home. I think we'd call that day a partial success, but a bass would have sealed it.

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