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Fishing brings us together - it's not all about catching.

Aim, fire ! A cuttle about to ink

In this frantic and busy world, it's not always easy to keep in touch with the important people in our lives. It's easy to forget what is important and, in the blink of an eye, years have past, and you have lost touch with dear people.

Fishing is a way of reclaiming, at least for a day, some calm and sanity, and there is no better excuse to call up friends and organise a get together.. Blokes in particular, need an activity to bond over, straight forward conversation and eye contact, being much too awkward, especially if you're from Yorkshire... So we cast away into the sunset happily chatting away, and end the day all the more human for it.

Plaice pulling line

And so it was yesterday when I met up with friends of the family Richard and David. David I've known since he was five. He's now 13 and taller than me. Richard I've known for nearly 20 years. We all keep in contact through the medium of fishing. It's an excuse not only to go out for the day, but to pick the phone up, discuss prospects, conditions and tactics and catch up on family news at the same time.


After a plaice on the fly ( got gurnards !!)

Being surrounded by incredible scenery, sea birds and experiencing the varied surprises that the sea constantly confounds us with, is simply good for the soul. Yesterday was the 'day of the cuttle'. I love those aggressive little biters. It's so funny when your lures come back with perfect and identical triangular bites from the rubber. Some of Rob's lures are more bite holes than shad... but we consider a cuttle bite to bring luck to a lure. It gives it a battle hardened nobility that draws in bass.

I didn't expect to catch anything much in the incredible bank holiday boat traffic and bright mid day sun. But the place were still bonkers ( no bigger ones today through). And we found a few bass on the reefs and inshore at dusk.

It's well known that time spent fishing is not counted towards your allotted lifespan on earth. Fishy Rob, fishing most days, must be attempting to achieve some fishy nirvana, a zen like affinity with bass that will no doubt give him immortality. The sunset was the best of the year, over a glass like sea, and the bass came on for the last ten minutes, A day of pure peace, where all is right with the world, and that feeling, so hard to express in words, is the real reason we fish.

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