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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch Report 19th September 2017

Double hook up of smalls for Luke and Jason

1st sailing was with my regular flyboy's Neil and John. Fully expectant to continue where we left off the previous day, sadly, all I could find was remnants of the shoal that had been there the previous day. All the bait was back in small pockets, and the bass scattered. It got me thinking that something has smashed it all up, and there had been no swell overnight, so likely some predator. But what scares bass? The answer came from my friend Matt in his pirate, who had gone prospecting east. "Finding bits and pieces" he told me over the radio... "But we just saw a dolphin between us and the cliff..." Thats a very close in dolphin... I love dolphins. I truly do. I love to see them on the way back in at the end of the day. But first thing in the morning, means they have likely been feeding hard all night. And highly unlikely to have just been one.

Paul snagged the first of the last sailing

With this news, I headed further west to put some distance between us and the marine mammal. And it was a good move. We managed to get the bass counter to 11 before it was time to return. Plus plenty of bonus mackerel. But no beasts, although the fish we caught west, were of a better stamp than the few we picked up closer to the marina.

For the 2nd sailing, we said goodbye to John, and welcomed aboard lure enthusiasts Jason and Luke, with Neil remaining on board. After the always excellent Latte at the Laughing Dog Cafe...We found the fish thickening a bit just east of the marina, but again the better fishing was to be found further west, with a higher proportion of 40+ fish thrown in. With the bass counter sitting at 20, I offered a trip out to the outer rocks for a big bass or a cod. The guys were all keen so we headed out. A fish hooked first drop for Neil, but came adrift. Likely a wrasse or a bass. About three drifts later, Jason was into a much better fish. This came to the surface with much protest, but sadly the 4lb+ fish came adrift even as I reached for it with the net. A couple more drifts with nothing but missed pulls and one attack on a shad I suspect was squid, and it was time to head back in.

Simon, Bill, Paul and Paul...

3rd sailing was a long term client / friend (you all end up being my friends. I love my job. And if I win the lottery, I will take you all out for free..) Paul, and a group of long term friends. Paul briefed me before hand, that as long as all his friends caught, the trip would be a success. We headed west again, into a freshening Westerly breeze as forecast. A bit of swell, but not too much A bit worse, was the wind over the new flood, pushing us along a little quickly. And it told. Plenty of marks, lots of bass, but tempting them was suddenly difficult. And all the time, the wind freshening, to the point that after a couple of hours, I suggested we head over the east side, to get a bit of lee from the marina. Paul, Paul, Bill and Simon all agreed. One slightly better fish, drove the final tally for the day to 22.

Simon with the best of the 3rd sailing...

Shore job tomorrow, Suspended by wind for Thursday. Spaces Friday last sailing (approx 14:00). 2 spaces for 1st sailing Saturday (0645 meet for 07:00 sailing) four spaces 2nd and 3rd, but not 100 percent they will happen on the current forecast... 07970 112774 to get on board. Every day different at the moment, but those quality fish will almost certainly return inshore on one of these tides.

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