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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th October 2017

Pablo with the best fish of the day

The day began with just Pablo out with me, to enjoy a most atmospheric sunrise. With the first of a new flood on a huge spring tide, and knowing well that we would be bassing inshore for the rest of the day, the focus of the first session was the outer rocks. A profusion of nets, and a lone commercial rod and liner occupied my first choice spot, so I pushed on to another spot, lightly netted (sole nets but they eat lures...) where we gave it a proper go. Lovely drift speed, and some marks on the sounder, but apart from one bass around 40 cm, and a profusion of mackerel, However, it hadnt been worth the fuel to get there, so for the final hour we came back inshore. Found a nice patch of bait with bass amongst it, but struggled to get them to take our lures. By the time we went in for a turnaround, Pablo was on just two bass. He was looking a little dejected. "Dont worry Pablo. You will have 20 by the time you leave this boat". "I bet you a tenner I dont" he said. "Yep, I'll take that... " and we shook. But it was a loaded bet. Im not one to throw money away. This was more akin to hustling at pool. Because I knew what was to come...

Amazing start to the day, considering what the sea state was 12 hours earlier

We left the marina again, with Phil on board. And we came straight out into an immense shoal of bass. Mostly fish in the 35-40cm. Quality schoolies, if such a thing exists. But everyone giving great training for finger sensing your lure. Pablo was the star of this session, quickly making double figures, with Phil catching at a slightly slower pace. Pablo also hit one of only three sizeable bass of the day a nice table fish just shy of 4lb. Plus stacks of mackerel. A pretty good session, although we didnt acelerate the bass counter as much as I thought we might. By the time we went back in for the final turnaround of the day, the counter sat at 29 fish.

Phil with an Australian Garfish

Last session, and Phil had headed for the shingle, to be replaced by my regular fly boy John, and the brothers Mackie. And we went straight back into the fray. Lots of clicking came from the counter, as the first two hours were particularly intense. But as the tide slackened back, so the fish shoals relaxed, and it became much slower. I used the slower action to have a look for "The shoal" down west. But not joy, just a few more schoolies to add to the score. As sunset forced us in, the bass counter sat at 75. A new record for BIF1. And Pablo? He finished on... 20 fish... and I get to order takeaway tonight :) :)

Two spaces for one sailing at 0700 in the morning. Call before 23:00 or message afterwards to get on board. 06:45 meet at Zizzi....

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